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Foto: M. Hammerer

Artistic director

Arunas Peciulis

Mag. Arūnas Pečiulis



Our nationally and internationally successful Artistic Director and conductor makes demands on us and encourages us and each time we are again surprised what we can achieve with his help. Not the slightest deviation of intonation escapes his ears and he has shown us that one cannot only see colours, you can hear them as well.




Musical career:

Arūnas Pečiulis was born in 1966 in Klaipėda (Lithuania). He studied conducting at the S. Šimkus Art School in Klaipėda and at the Vilnius Academy of Music. Fortunately, in 1991 he moved to Salzburg, where he completed his second degree (choir, opera and orchestra conducting) three years later with distinction.

He remained there as life played and since then has enriched the Salzburg cultural scene with his musical achievements, for which he received the Salzburg State Medal of Merit in 2012. 


Arūnas has already worked with numerous choirs and orchestras, currently he is Artistic Director of the

Salzburger Liedertafel, the Lainerhof Quartett, the Salzburger Volksliedsingkreis as well as General Director and Artistic Director of the annual benefit event A B'sondere Zeit  and of course from us! Not to mention his many concert tours, his participation and jury work at choir competitions and the numerous CD productions he has already realized.


He regularly travels to his native Lithuania, where as a guest conductor he realizes exciting projects with professional choirs and orchestras. In 2018 he conducted the Lithuanian Song Festival "Dainų šventė". 


Working with Arūnas has a very special quality: Nobody has as fine ears as he and manages to get the finest intonation vibrations out of us! Through him we know that you can not only see colours, but also hear them. It is also thanks to his good international contacts that we sometimes enjoy songs composed especially for us.